Position:  Principal Consultant

​Dean has 30 years of combined experience in hands-on lean sigma consulting, engineering, and project management.  Dean is known for his diagnostic skills and demonstrated track record in problem solving guiding various teams in product development, manufacturing, and service operations. He builds enthusiasm and guide work teams to focus on organization’s performance goals. 

His experience in building value and managing resources through achievements in project management, product development, and business process solutions led his consulting work to focus on creating a learning environment that continually builds value across for the organization.

Dean has facilitated over 100 lean projects and trained hundreds of employees that resulted into a cumulative cost savings amounting to over $22 Million.

​In addition, his new strategy on cost recovery services is providing many small businesses generate extra cash.  Services they truly need.

Accesspoint Business and Technology, APBTS, was established, in Oxnard, CA.,  to provide consulting services to small businesses.  APBTS and its team of consultants and partners have a vast experience, solid career track record, and demonstrated leadership abilities in manufacturing and service industries. ​Our goal is to help you achieve the position you desire to be in Lean transformation. We simply deliver to the objectives and satisfaction of our clients.  ​At APBTS, we make innovations a deliberate part of our consulting strategy by adding capabilities in cost recovery, cost savings programs.  Used singly or in combination, our clients receive the benefits - 'less wastes in the process, less wastes in expense' - A True Lean Company!

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Position: Consultant

Jim has over 20 years of industry experience in heavy equipment, food processing equipment, and aerospace doing work in design, production, process development, and management.  Jim has used the principles of Lean and the Taguchi method to improve manufacturing processes, product quality, and safety.  His focus on waste elimination has led to significant cost savings and enhanced value for the customers.  In addition, his research on sustainability of product species led to improvements in product handling and food processing.  Jim has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.


Position: ConsultantPeter has over 15 years of experience in various functional areas of the life science/bio tech industry including R&D, operations, and sales & marketing. His industry experience includes planning, launching, and marketing of innovative scientific products for major diagnostic and instrumentation companies in the life science industry.  He has founded two startup companies in commercialization of consumer and environmental health products for cost and risk reduction applications.  His consultancy has focused on business strategic development, operations planning, market research, and cost reduction for clients in the life science, biotech, and consumer healthcare industries.  Peter has a PHD in biochemistry and an MBA in finance.  Peter is handling our cost recovery services.


​Position: ConsultantPat Sweeney has 20 years senior management experience in the manufacturing and resource based operations and ten years as a consultant to management. His consultancy has focused on strategic planning, process improvement, organizational development, breakthrough planning and implementation of structured continuous improvement programs. His clients have ranged from aerospace sub-contractors and medical device manufacturers to national health care providers.



AccessPointBusiness & Technology Consulting Services.

We strive to help companies develop a solid foundation for organizational competitiveness plus access to our team of experts in cost recovery.  We think of providing greater overall value when we can look across the lifeblood of the organization to determine any and more than one way to be competitive.  We will work to improve productivity, organization, and revenue.  

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“Dean reorganized our product development and established best practices with immediate impact on our culture and gross margin."

Randy rehder

President, CEO

"​Trupart Manufacturing is extremely satisfied with Dean's lean manufacturing knowledge and training capabilities & implementation of 5S. Dean's work had tremendous impact on our manufacturing processes."


President, CEO

We will work to improve productivity, organization, and revenue


TO provide small businesses with the strategy and tools they need to be competitive in the market.

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