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Energy Management, EMS Program, Tax Savings

APBTS provides advisory services with emphasis in efficiency, sustainability, and best practices:

Energy Management System (EMS) brings the power of controlling your energy cost in your hands.

We are saving businesses (mfg., hotel, restaurants, schools, automotive shops) thousands of dollars by taking control of their energy utilization using our partner's one of a kind EMS program.  The system filters out "dirty energy" to provide you with maximum yield in power use hence, lower energy cost.  There are no other systems out there that can compare.  Find out about our no risk guarantee and start saving valuable cash. Call us now. 

Other services: 

Energy Efficiency Audits
Process Analysis for Sustainability (Lean and Green) 
Technical & Financial Analysis
Lighting Upgrades / Retrofits
HVAC System Optimization
Building Envelope Optimization 
Solar Generation
Measurement, Verification and Monitoring 
Tax Savings

energy management

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