“Different process, similar outcome".  Growing number of evidences in the healthcare industry that demonstrate the efficiency of Lean principle when applied to improve care delivery and patient satisfaction."

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Current acute care processes are plagued with waits, delays, and diversions. Patient safety, hospital revenue, staff satisfaction, and patient satisfaction are all negatively impacted when patients, information, and materials do not move through hospitals in a timely and efficient way. System-level changes are required to solve the issues of flow. Looking upstream and downstream from "problem" hospital units is essential to make changes that will result in hospital-wide improvements.

An American Hospital Association (AHA) survey showed the average patient waiting time for transfer from an Emergency Department to an acute or critical care bed is 3.2 hours.

LEAN SIGMA HEALTHCARE - the model for care processes

The principles and practices of lean systems have been used successfully by hundreds of health care organizations in many countries to improve many different care processes and outcomes.  Lean principles have been proven to aid healthcare delivery processes increasing speed and quality.  We strongly enforce the concept of lean mindful of the critical elements of your own unique healthcare operations and process improvement needs.  

Our approach is a simple, yet powerful approach to achieving significant improvements. We work to focus on understanding what adds value to your patients, physicians, and other customers and deliver that value as efficiently and with care.

Benefits of Lean in healthcare operations:

  • Improving process reliability and safety
  • Increasing flexibility to the needs of the customers, i.e. patient, physician, nurses, and other support personnel
  • Improving flow of work to meet customer demand
  • Improving capacity by shortening the throughput time with less effort
  • Improving workplace organization to reduce wasted motion and improving communication​​​

Among the Lean tools that we implement with great success.

  • 5S is the foundation of a visual workplace where everyone knows exactly where everything is, so that a deviation from the normal is immediately obvious.  5S is not just about having a clean area.  When done properly, 5S is a key tool in reducing waste, reducing variation, and improving safety.
  • ​Value stream mapping is the first step in understanding how work flows in the organization. It involves a cross functional team following a process from beginning to end highlighting examples of the "eight wastes" and agreeing on an action plan to improve the process based on how work should be delivered.  The goal is to create greater value for the customer by identifying and removing waste.
  • Cellular organization or transitioning to greater flexibility through creation of efficient layout that affect how people work, communicate and exchange ideas.​
  • Standard work ensures that process steps are balanced in time with minimal variation in how activity is carried out.​  We help you with visual management to monitor quality, be able to recognize whether a change has improved the matters or not, and make sure that quality indicators are obvious to everyone.

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