Our consulting services have the following components:

  • Lean Manufacturing, Lean Sigma Healthcare, Lean Office
  • Assessment, Organization 
  • Deployment Planning
  • ​Training, Train the Trainer
  • Enterprise-Wide Value Stream Analysis
  • Continuous Process Improvement Model  Development
  • Lean Product Development
  • ​Team Facilitation
  • ​Project Management

​Our Essential Improvement Projects service can help you:

  • improve performance, streamline processes and reduce costs
  • ​​contribute to greater employee empowerment and productivity
  • set the stage for long-term growth and success

"Need to slash manufacturing costs?"




Our training takes into account critical elements of your organization's strategic objectives.  We formulate the scope and objective of each training with sensitivity to the culture and maturity of the organization with lean practices.

Our ‘master with the student’ training improves upon the ‘learning by doing’ approach. It imparts knowledge, skills, experience, and strengthens team-based problem solving.  In addition, we help your teams gain valuable insight in essential framework as a model for continuing improvement.


  • Provide participants with an introduction to lean manufacturing philosophy, principles and practices - what makes it run.
  •  An understanding of the concept and principles of lean manufacturing - what and why it works. 
  • Learning by doing - lean sigma tools
  • Provide participants with hands-on learning of the tactical improvements of waste reduction or elimination of ‘muda’ and 'mura' through simulation. 
  • Present the two methodologies of continuous process improvement - team based problem solving.


Each workshop is customized and designed with strong emphasis on satisfying the specific needs of each participant.  We enhance the learning environment with learning lessons and exercises, group activities, real world applications, discussions, and videos.

Participants successfully completing the Lean Concepts workshop will gain knowledge required to:

  • Describe the advantages of Lean organization as a total system
  • List and define wastes, and recognize examples of each type
  • Understand Lean metrics, comparison to those of traditional organizations
  • Understand Lean tools and practices
  • Understand the obstacles you must overcome to become a truly Lean organization
  • Understand the Keys to Success

​Whether you need a complete Lean training program or a specific topic, we are ready to help you achieve your objective.  Please fill up the contact form.

lean thinking - lean principles

LEAN Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating wastes through continuous improvement in pursuit of perfection.  Lean is not just about the application of tools and techniques.  It is also a philosophy of creating greater value for the customer.  Companies must clearly specify value as perceived by the customer, identify the value stream, make the value flow through the value stream at the pull of the customer. 

Lean provides tools such as value stream mapping that help you define an ideal state for the organization. This ideal state then becomes the focus of defining what processes need to be improved, which can then be targeted with both lean and six sigma techniques, projects that look at processes throughout the whole value stream including office and service areas not just manufacturing.

These lean principles can be used to define the aim of any lean system which is to “Clearly specify value in order to line up all the activities for a specific product (family) along a value stream and make the value flow smoothly at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection.”

Lean Thinking is applying these principles to your organization, whether it is a manufacturing or a service organization.

LEAD Improvement, Don't MAKE Improvements
It's a cross functional team's job.  To create sustainable improvement and develop the workforce into competent problem-solvers, the workers themselves need to come up with the solutions and implement them - with guidance from a facilitator or a leader.


In here, we make things simple, effective, and affordable.  It is not only about tools and techniques, but also about strengthening your own manufacturing philosophy and practices. We strengthen common management principle into a new set of leadership commitments to a new way of thinking - Customer Focus and Value Stream Management.  It's about purpose, process, people, team based problem solving, and continuing improvement.   There is no need to spend a lot of money to achieve your objectives.  We customize the design and implement a Lean roadmap with the business purpose, the organization’s philosophy, and continuity of process, people, and problem solving in mind. 

Lean Organization

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