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Finding wastes and creating value in the factory, product development, and all other internal business support services.

"Business support services spend a great deal of time and energy to ensure a satisfied customer resulting to higher cost of operation."

We treat the business as a complex wide array of internal processes.  We scan the other primary or non-primary processes to identify related wastes in the support business areas for the purpose of generating additional revenue.

​Use singly or in powerful combination, APBTS lean and cost-cutting services help businesses, big and small, become truly competitive. 

We created a simple and effective method of uncovering the hidden sources of pain and identifying and sizing the largest opportunities for cost savings, waste reduction, plus revenue generation.  We are mindful of unnecessary and wasteful activities of running every process through lean six sigma.  Knowing where to focus can make all the difference between success and failure.  


Our VSM+ tool is designed as an upfront diagnostic X-ray that scans the enterprise and maps its primary processes, including those not normally scrutinized in the value stream management, to identify the biggest opportunities to reduce cost and increase revenue.

We measure the performance of processes in terms of quality, cost and time; benchmark with similar processes; determine how much performance might be improved; establish improvement targets; establish the project priorities, and set the right course of actions for the process improvement teams.